I have been reading and following the many questions surrounding the “largest financial catastrophe ever to occur in this state” and continue to wonder why Dominion Energy has so much interest in buying SCE&G and parent company SCANA.

Dominon’s offers change with each stage of the ongoing investigation, but still has customers (ratepayers) paying billions for the canceled reactors. The amount of money it has been spending on advertising its offers must be considerable by now.

Why, I ask, is Dominion so eager? Could it be this would be a windfall for it and not in the best interest of ratepayers?

When I recently read in the paper that part of its newest offer would be to “eat the cost of SCE&G’s legal bills as it defends its handling of the project,” I was even more convinced that this may not be who we as ratepayers should trust.

Yes, it also said it will have open and transparent communication. Where have I heard that being said before? Surely, someone in the Office of Regulatory Staff has had similar thoughts. It kind of falls into that old tried-and-true statement, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Well, I and many of my fellow ratepayers should seriously think about how this could end up.

Russell Dowdy

Legacy Lane