On Feb. 26, 2016, former Mount Pleasant Town Councilman Paul Gawrych sent an email to then Mayor Linda Page in regard to the allowed height in the zone where the planned Medal of Honor Museum was to be located.

Mayor Page responded, “I have only seen the potential museum as presented in a book that is in my office and a meeting with some of the members of the foundation. I told them there were height restrictions and should meet with staff to discuss.”

Councilman Gawrych responded, “Thanks. I believe we are going to have to do more than just tell them. In the past I know the Foundation did not always communicate with the (Patriots Point board) and then subsequently the Town ... I am confident we can work out something on the height for this incredible facility and I am confident all will compromise, if necessary, moving forward. I just detect that no one is properly talking and we do not want a final design coming our way on something this grand for the world to see and then tell them they need a variance to make it work.”

Mayor Page had apparently told the Medal of Honor Foundation that they had work to do in regard to the site and its restrictions. Did the foundation move on that advice? No.

They brought a second design to the table that was still 48 feet over the 50 feet allowed by the zoning and 18 feet above what they could reasonably see granted them.

Where does the lack of good faith lie? Is this all about height and design or is it about a location that may draw more people?

I along with just about everyone I know support the Medal of Honor Museum being in Mount Pleasant at Patriots Point. We have one here now. I’ve been there.

I heard Maj. Gen. James Livingston speak there. It’s very inspiring.

The facts don’t bear out letter after letter blaming the possibility of the MOH Museum going to another location on opposition from Mount Pleasant officials.

Neither Mayor Will Haynie nor Town Council dropped the ball.

It’s time to stop the political hatchet job and move forward — with the MOH Museum or not.

Barry Wolff

Pocahontas Street

Mount Pleasant