It is time for a whistleblower to step up. After two 737 Max 8s suffered “impact with terrain,” the fleet has fortunately been grounded pending identification of the problem.

I suspect there are people who already know the answer, and some of them likely live right here in Charleston.

It is time for someone to reveal what happened that allowed this plane to be certified and sold.

Was it pressure from the marketing people?

Was it a failure of the FAA at a time when a new administration was pushing deregulation for the sake of deregulation?

Did the government shutdown delay software fixes that might have prevented the second crash?

The country and the world need to know so it does not happen again.

When seven astronauts were lost in the Challenger disaster, President Ronald Reagan appointed the Rogers Commission to find out what happened.

We’ve lost two planeloads of people. Isn’t a Max 8 Commission in order? Or is President Donald Trump too busy tweeting about perceived personal affronts?

Dan Knapp

Farmfield Avenue