There is a recently published ranking of U.S. presidents by 200 political scientists, using a scale of 0-100 and averaging the score for each president.

I’m 78 years old, born when Franklin Roosevelt was president, but I only remember those following him, beginning with Harry Truman. I think people should take note of the findings. I include presidents starting with Truman and ending with Donald Trump. Their ranking follows their names.

Truman (6), Eisenhower (7), Obama (8), Reagan (9), Johnson (10), Clinton (13), Kennedy (16), George H. Bush (17), Ford (25), Carter (26), George W. Bush (30), Nixon (33), and Trump (44).

By this accounting, President Trump is the worst in history.

All Democrats ranked him last at 44. He did a little better with Republicans, but the highest rank anyone gave him was 40. Thus, Republicans consider him among the worst as well. Beware the election in 2020: Virtually any alternative that emerges will be better.

Allen P. Kaplan

Logan Street