I find it hard to believe that people can’t conceptualize the principle of closed borders. Consider this analogy: The door to your home is the gateway to where you and your family live, share values, ideas and practice your religious beliefs. You don’t let in anything or anybody that you don’t want or that could harm or take away what is behind your door.

If someone wanted in, you wouldn’t think twice before you asked that person’s name, asked for identification and what their intent was before you allowed them through your door. If someone came in without your permission, there are laws to stop them. These laws are there to protect you and all that you cherish. Without these laws we would constantly be in fear for our safety and our family’s well-being.

Now let’s ask ourselves, why is that any different when a person wants to come through the doors of our beloved home, the United States of America?

Nancy Weiner

Legends Club Drive

Mount Pleasant