During her primary campaign, Katie Arrington said she supported President Donald Trump’s plan to allow drilling for oil and gas off of our coast.

Her position was (and still is) at odds with the majority of coastal voters who rely in a variety of ways on pristine waters to support local economies such as fishing and tourism, or simply to be able to recreate as individuals or families.

Now Arrington is suggesting she always opposed offshore drilling, which is simply not true. She’s on record as being in favor of testing and drilling for oil and gas.

Recently two Lowcountry Republican mayors publicly endorsed opponent Joe Cunningham because of his opposition to seismic testing and drilling. And Sen. Tim Scott, to his credit, now opposes drilling because he recognized that most of the folks he represents have spoken out against it.

It is time for Katie Arrington to make her stance clear. Are you for or against testing and drilling for oil and gas off of our coast? Do you still adhere to the Trump plan, or are you ready to join the rest of us?

Jim Mallow

Boatmen Drive

Pawleys Island