All of us know the adage “we are better together.” At Coastal Community Foundation and Trident United Way, we know positive change doesn’t occur in a vacuum, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

As the philanthropic landscape continues to evolve, Coastal Community Foundation and Trident United Way are even more committed to working together to support local and regional agencies that serve our community.

Our two organizations enjoy a long-standing partnership and continue to explore new ways to innovate our fundraising, grant-making and evaluation programs to position our region on the cutting edge of creating system-level change.

“We are stronger together because no one organization has the capacity to invest in or support all of the needs of a complex community like the tri-county region,” TUW President and CEO Christopher Kerrigan said.

The commitment Coastal Community Foundation and Trident United Way have made to our community will continue to grow as Trident United Way prepares for its next three-year investment cycle, which begins next July. Trident United Way has continued research into the most efficient and effective practices of collective impact and community collaboration and will be adopting elements from North Carolina-based MDC’s Passing Gear Philanthropy strategy, which Coastal Community Foundation has already fully integrated into its strategic framework.

“By looking across our areas of investment and strategy, we are better able to identify gaps and work together to support not only programs that are doing great work today, but also collective efforts that will move the needle on issues to mitigate or eliminate problems years from now,” Coastal Community Foundation President and CEO Darin Goss Sr. said.

MDC’s groundbreaking “State of the South: Recovering our Courage” publication examines what has changed within the landscape of philanthropy and how funders and philanthropists must change the way they invest, lead and partner to address the layered and complex needs of Southern communities. The publication reinforces the fact that both CCF and TUW are on the right track to supporting long-term improvement efforts and systemic innovation.

As Trident United Way implements changes for its 2019-22 investment cycle, Coastal Community Foundation has emphasized its support and partnership with both Trident United Way and other community agencies in the tri-county area.

We are better together, and together our organizations will support community agencies toward the goal of an educated, financially stable and healthy tri-county region for all citizens.

Darrin Goss Sr.

President and CEO

Coastal Community Foundation

Rutledge Avenue


Christopher F. Kerrigan

President and CEO

Trident United Way

Rivers Avenue

North Charleston