What next? Will the turtles, birds and fish need to stop by the Isle of Palms City Hall and register too?

During the past few years I have seen IOP make access to the beach more and more difficult by restricting visitor parking. Now requiring dog owners to register their dogs if they want to walk, run, or swim at the beach. Just ridiculous.

This is simply another way of discouraging people from visiting IOP beach with their pets. This is simply another way of making IOP more and more exclusive. This is simply another attempt at making IOP more of a private not public beach.

The dog registration does not guarantee a rabies vaccination. A dog registration does not prevent a "dog fight." This dog registration is simply another way to keep the general public from enjoying a public beach. The City of Charleston does not require you to register your dog when you visit the city does it?

Please do not allow the dog registration requirement pass on IOP or elsewhere in the Charleston area. Dog owners already have enough rules and regulations to follow.

Annie Singh

Waterbrook Drive