Why aren’t these immigration protesters speaking for the foster children in America? In 2014, 3,407 children entered foster care in South Carolina and 264,746 in the United States. All forcefully removed from their parent or guardian.

As a parent, a former foster parent and a former member of the Foster Care Review Board, I can tell you nobody wants to separate families, and children will almost always be upset when they are removed from their home or guardian, no matter how dire the circumstances.

Unfortunately, at times it has to be done to protect the child. Not all of these illegal immigrants are bad people, but they are not all good either. How heartbreaking to know criminals might have been deported multiple times.

Of the 12,000 illegal immigrant children in custody now, a little over 2,000 were actually with their parents. We need immigration reform.

In my opinion, we need a border wall. The government’s job is to protect its citizens. If an immigrant needs to claim asylum, cross at a legal border crossing and be processed accordingly. I’m all for immigrants coming to America. They need to come legally or go elsewhere.

Elizabeth Masiowski

Greeley Road

Mount Pleasant