A friend of mine, a priest in fact, once told me, “man by nature is a screw up but, if truly sorry for his bad actions, is forgiven. He added that God, in fact, “forgets the sin.” This doesn’t mean, however, that in some instances, some sort of restitution should be made. But who decides?

There was a man, centuries ago, who spent about half of his life persecuting people. Then he had a vision, saw the light so to speak, and changed his ways. His surviving epistles went on to have enormous influence on Christianity and the world, and secured his place as one of the greatest men of all time. St. Paul, the bad guy.

I don’t think there is a country in the world or any people in the history of man that hasn’t behaved abominably at one time or another. Yet today, it seems men and women, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, all a bit holier than thou, are coming out of the woodwork, pointing fingers, with all the answers but without all the facts and ready to tar and feather and run someone out of town, out of their job or out of office.

Never mind that it’s over something stupid said or done 30 or 40 years ago. What were they thinking? At the time, they probably weren’t. Never mind that someone has grown up and now leads a decent life.

Imagine a society where you are allowed only one mistake.

Christine Ebel

Emerald Forest Parkway