Donald Trump continues to follow his Wanna-be Dictator Handbook.

First, you identify people to demonize and make up lies about how they are damaging the country, especially the Trump base. Hold frequent rallies to stir up fear. Then separate families, sending children to different internment camps.

You use the military to find people in this group, kick them out, then deport them. Now start searching the rolls of naturalized citizens, find “these people,” reject their citizenship and arrest them. The next step hasn’t started yet, but prepare to have businesses owned by the targeted group identified with big labels, so the base can toss bricks through the windows.

Start wars with other countries, real wars or economic wars, reaching for global dominance. Cozy up to enemies led by dictators to show them your admiration, but be prepared to turn on them, too, at a moment’s notice.

Have big military parades.

Don’t trust your staff. Fire those who don’t stroke your ego enough. Some dictators “disappear” those underlings.

Trump isn’t likely to go that far, though he did mention getting away with “shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.”

Avoid making decisions carefully, with all the facts. React on a whim or based on something you just heard. You’re the expert on everything. Blame others for bad decisions.

Trump supporters will scoff because they, like Trump, elect to remain willfully ignorant of the past, and won’t be able to easily insert names of dictators who have used this formula. These dictators eventually had their demise, but not before a lot of damage was done.

Michael Griffith

Harbor Creek Place