Over the past few weeks there have been several articles describing developments in our region, including numbers of homes and price ranges, descriptions of shopping centers, the construction of schools and police and fire stations. However, I find it troubling that none of these articles raised the question, “How are these people going to get to and from work?”

For example, an article mentioned that the developer of the area beyond Bees Ferry Road will pay for the extension of Glenn McConnell Parkway. What good will it do to extend an already-clogged road into a new development, adding hundreds of drivers with no alternative?

As the Nexton area expands, how are we going to make it possible for residents to get to Boeing or into Charleston in a reasonable time? The new interchange on I-26 will only worsen the daily jam between Summerville and Charleston.

There are still rail options, though many dismiss them as being too expensive. Three routes could reach Mount Pleasant Street between King and Meeting streets using existing tracks or rights of way, then bus routes could easily cover most of the peninsula.

The CSX mainline, which runs through Berkeley County along U.S. Highway 52.

The Norfolk Southern Line from Summerville.

The CSX line that parallels Savannah Highway from the south, then swings across the Ashley River.

Another possibility would be establishing a bus terminal in a central Nexton shopping center, with express buses following Highway 176 and merging with the planned busway between Charleston and Summerville. This might actually allow us to get ahead of the issue.

Mount Pleasant, where I live, is facing the same problems, with fewer options.

We must keep the “to and from work” issue near the top of our lists.

Fritz Saenger Jr

Lettered Olive Lane

Mount Pleasant