I am making the rounds of local councils, committees and commissions proposing a paved trail from Gahagan Park south to Miles Jamison Road where it crosses Chandler Bridge Creek.

Right-of-way acquisition for the “Lincolnville Lakes Trail” is urgent because the corridor the trail would pass through is under strong residential development pressure. Even if there are no funds to build the trail in the near future, right of way needs to be negotiated or purchased before this unique opportunity is lost.

It will take multijurisdictional cooperation between Summerville, Lincolnville, Charleston County and Dorchester County to bring the trail to fruition.

The greatest challenges are crossing forested wetlands, working with Lincolnville and the Lakes of Summerville HOA to secure right of way and, of course, funding. While these challenges are great, the payoff would be far greater: Increased park access, more recreational fitness opportunities, greater trail connectivity, bicycle alternatives to automotive transportation, new marathon routes and more.

The trail would form a keystone in a 12-mile loop of paved trails — in existence or planned — that reaches in two directions from downtown Summerville to the Oakbrook area.

An interactive Google map showing how the Lincolnville Lakes Trail would be an additional petal in our blossoming paved trail system is at www.goo.gl/1BS7kB. There you will also find links to more detailed maps and an email address for questions or comments.

John Mott

Luden Drive