As a 20-year resident of Sandhurst in West Ashley, I have contacted the Department of Transportation on many occasions regarding traffic problems in this area. To date, I have received an occasional “thank you for your concern,” but absolutely no action.

My concerns have involved confusing speed limits, disregard for or ignorance of “yield” signs and, of course, the infamous “suicide merge.”

The DOT response to a suggested 40 mph speed limit was, “People tend to drive at a speed which is comfortable and such a limit would have to be enforced.”

A suggestion to produce public service spots on TV illustrating the proper way to yield was met with, “Drivers tend to weave in and out of traffic.”

Although there is no lane for merging at the Cosgrove/I-26 exit, there are two yield signs.

Regarding the “suicide merge,” I was told eight years ago that this problem was being studied (at a cost of $26,000) and would soon be resolved.

On Nov. 5, 2018, a pile-up involving 22 vehicles occurred on the North Bridge. This accident resulted in a trip to the hospital for six drivers and a traffic tie-up for several hours.

Accidents of this magnitude could be prevented by: reducing the speed limit to 40 mph on Cosgrove Avenue and Sam Rittenberg Boulevard; replacing the “rubber pipes” with a concrete barrier in the North Bridge median; and installing a traffic light at Southgate and Old Towne Road in sync with the light for southbound traffic leading onto Old Towne Road (Highway 171).

A similar intersection exists at St. Andrews Boulevard, Highway 61 and Old Towne Road, with a light in place, and traffic there, although not perfect, appears to flow acceptable.

Melvin H. Ezell Jr.

Nuffield Road


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