The proposed raise for teachers is a ruse. I’m a former teacher and agree that teachers deserve higher salaries. But that’s not the reason why education has stagnated here and around the nation.

My colleagues are risk averse, and rightfully so, considering the built-in adversarial relationship between teachers and administrators. But it’s time to reveal the truth about these administrative positions. Teachers have an average of 12 years of experience, but most of these administrators are allowed to dictate to these professionals. These administrative positions are analogous to titles conferred on European nobility that are a vestige of a bygone era.

What would happen if all these administrative positions were to suddenly disappear? What changes would take place in the classrooms? The answer is that nothing would happen. Because administrators don’t teach teachers anything, they can’t teach the subject matter or demonstrate how to affect classroom deportment.

The answer is to eliminate theses positions by attrition, so that nobody is hurt, the educational pyramid is flattened, and teachers can take their rightful place ruling the roost. The only people who count in the educational process are the teachers and their students. Everyone else is superfluous.

Ian Kay

Wingo Way

Mount Pleasant