South Carolina has witnessed true democracy. In the face of offshore drilling, Sen. Tim Scott chose his constituents over personal beliefs. And his constituents oppose drilling off South Carolina — vehemently.

It’s common knowledge that Sen. Scott has been a fan of offshore drilling. He openly stated that he saw potential benefits in drilling.

For years, I have been trying to change the senator’s views on this. I’ve grilled him at town halls and passionately spoken out against drilling, urging Sen. Scott to join the ranks of Reps. Mark Sanford, Jim Clyburn and Tom Rice. South Carolinians remain vigilant and loud in their opposition. It’s starting to pay off.

Just last month, the senator said he “stands with his constituents” against offshore drilling. Sen. Scott said he’ll side with constituents as long as the coast of South Carolina is solidified in opposition to offshore drilling.

And rest assured, solid we stand. Every coastal municipality in the state from North Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head has gone on the record against offshore drilling, and inland communities such as Greenville and Columbia are joining too.

Oil is not the lifeblood of coastal South Carolina. Our bread and butter is 2,700 pristine miles of tidal coastline. It’s white sand beaches, charming waterfront towns and fresh seafood.

Our relationship with natural resources is written in our DNA. Atlantic drilling could starve South Carolina of its most valuable resources — a risk we’re not willing to take.

With the president’s radical proposal to bring offshore drilling to nearly all federal waters, we commend Sen. Scott for standing with us to protect South Carolina’s coast.

Alice Morrisey

Don’t Drill Lowcountry

Thompson Avenue

Sullivan’s Island