President Trump now threatens to withhold funds supporting state and local efforts to battle California’s record-setting fires. These fires started on lands managed by the federal National Park system. Its budget has already been grossly reduced by Trump and his supporting Republican members of Congress, and now he threatens more cuts because he doesn’t like liberal California?

More than 50 deaths, 150,000 residents displaced, an entire town wiped out, hundreds of homes gone, more than 400 square miles burned.

Trump has no reaction to mass shootings but threatens funding cuts endangering more than 8,000 brave firefighters battling this inferno.

Recently, as we thanked our veterans, he disrespected our own vets and those of our allies on a world stage.

Today, let us thank the brave men and women, professional and volunteer firefighters for serving their country as well.

Thom Schmenk

Sea Lavender Lane