After reading two letters on the Feb. 5 Opinion Page, “Lost its salt” and “Killing fetuses,” I was inspired to write. As one who was given up for adoption at birth, I am the product of a married woman’s “one-night stand.”

I met my birth mother when I was in my 50s and thanked her for giving me life and not aborting me. A relative of my birth mother immediately responded by saying, “Well, abortion was not legal in the 1940s.” Whew, I dodged a bullet there.

I am thankful that my voice and the voices of my children and grandchildren were not extinguished — children and grandchildren who have contributed much to their communities and are such a blessing to their families and friends.

I realize that each one of us has their own story to tell and their own life’s journey to experience. However, it seems surreal that the New York Assembly would be so excited to pass a law, generating a standing ovation and celebration, to abort a baby right up to the point of birth.

It suggests that some Americans and government leaders must be so proud. How sad. I guess Roe v. Wade doesn’t go far enough in our progressive society.

How ironic that today’s Chinese government has backed away from its one-child policy that was forced upon the population, causing millions of fetuses (especially females) to be aborted. As the phrase from the 1960s goes, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

Eno Cleveringa

Grove Lane