The Coastal Conservation League and our state’s highest court are aligned in support of the public good.

As a long-time resident of Kiawah Island and a Seabrook Island neighbor, I feel compelled to clarify misinformation reflected in a May 9 letter to the editor. For 10 years, the CCL, represented by the S.C. Environmental Law Project, has protected Captain Sam’s Spit and the public’s use of and access to the undeveloped beach.

The court upheld a permit to build a short wall to protect the Beachwalker Park parking area.

The spit’s would-be developer Kiawah Partners wants to build a big bulkhead and pile rocks on the riverbank because they want to build 50 houses, a road and water and sewer lines in a place that won’t sustain development.

Kiawah Partners is not doing it to protect Beachwalker Park or public access. It’s not doing it for the public good. It is a for-profit corporation and wants to turn a profit.

If Kiawah Partners is successful, there won’t be a Captain Sam’s Spit left to visit and enjoy. The beach will be transformed into a place for second homeowners. No more piping plovers. No more strand-feeding dolphins. No more diamondback terrapins. And one day, those new houses will also be gone with the next big storm or sea level rise.

The letter writer muses that it would be disappointing for a Charleston family to drive to Kiawah only to realize they have no place to park.

I think it would be far more disappointing if we lost one of the last stretches of undeveloped beach in South Carolina to short-sighted, inappropriate development.

Wendy K. Kulick

Marsh Edge Lane

Kiawah Island