For historical understanding, SCANA Corp. is an energy-based holding company with its stock traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. SCANA has failed the public and its investors. Now, the investors have taken a roughly 50 percent loss of stock value, but the public continues to bail SCANA out of its bad decisions against our better judgment. Why do we do that for any company?

Our state legislators need to represent us, not the lobbying efforts representing SCANA or their own pet projects.

Stop allowing SCANA through SCE&G to continue collecting monies for the failed site and allow SCANA to go bankrupt. Also stop SCE&G from spending money that should be repaid to its customers.

If a dividend is granted by SCANA to its shareholders or a bonus to any of its officers, that should be immediate grounds to force the sale of SCANA to Dominion Energy so as to stop this circus.

Legislators, please help the people of South Carolina, not a publicly held company. Let us all put our wants and needs in proper order.

Scott I. Heyer

Pristine View Road