Last Friday night Steve Bannon stood on a stage at The Citadel and spouted his foul rhetoric unchallenged, except by one protester who was expelled.

A self-described Republican Citadel cadet who was interviewed on TV described Bannon as an “interesting” speaker. That “interesting” speaker was one of those who cheered those torch-bearing, flag-carrying thugs as they tore through the campus and town of Charlottesville, Va.

So, did the audience at The Citadel make any attempt to challenge Bannon’s disgusting rhetoric? No, they didn’t. Did they get up and walk out of the room? Again, no. Did they hiss or boo his angry propaganda? No, they did not.

What they did do — and what I find absolutely repugnant — was give him standing ovations. I find it deeply disturbing that there are people in the area I call home who are patting themselves on the back for cheering and supporting the despicable and abhorrent values of that trashy man.

This has to be Charleston’s worst hour.

Nan H. Hahn

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