An article in The Post and Courier about the widening of Glenn McConnell Parkway announced a Dec. 3 meeting at West Ashley High School from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and encouraged residents to attend.

Who are these organizers? Don’t they realize most people are either still at work or caught in traffic at this time of day? Is this some sort of conspiracy on the part of government officials to say, “See, no one really cares. No one showed up”?

Remember Ladson Road years ago? A straight, 4- or 5-mile road, no rivers to cross, and it took several years to complete. On a sunny spring day, you could see 10-12 pieces of construction equipment and not a worker in sight.

Only after a few businessmen started raising their voices and threatening lawsuits did the work finally get completed.

And now there’s a meeting that most people can’t get to. Call the mayor. Let’s see if he can get there.

One side of the parkway has a lake, a residential community with too many houses already too close to the road, as well as a number of commercial establishments. The other side has a marsh and condos with their bedrooms too close to traffic. Let’s not forget the rail crossing at the highway.

Are these the same people who planned a bus stop with no covering at the edge of a ditch at Glenn McConnell and Bairds Cove?

How about slowing down traffic? How about keeping big trucks off the parkway?

Unless we drain the lake and marsh, I don’t see where the road can be widened.

Christine Ebel

Emerald Forest Parkway