As I read the June 7 op-ed from Bill Medich, the board chairman of Spoleto Festival, I am struck by the fact that there was no mention of the visual arts, i.e., painting, photography, pastels, sculpture and more. The phrase “the arts” has always included the visual arts in societies of culture and education. As it was pointed out to me from one of the fine artists, Shelia Thompson, the banners that decorated the Charleston streets makes no mention of “visual arts.”

This is odd and disturbing, for if it wasn’t for visual arts you wouldn’t have the signs for promotion, the stunning visual effects, stage and costume designs, puppetry, the architecture, the landscaping and, well, I could go on.

I wish Spoleto would remember to promote our local professional visual artists -most without galleries - who also are “World Class” if audiences would know to take a look.

Marcia Jonczak-DeGarmo

Nantucket Drive