The Post and Courier recently carried an article about the State Ports Authority moving its headquarters to port property in Mount Pleasant. The move was lauded by the paper and the SPA chairman for the potential positive impact on the SPA’s efficiency, the port’s day-to-day activities and the town of Mount Pleasant.

The planned move includes the construction of a new entry gate to accommodate SPA employees. The gate will be on a parcel of land that was donated by the Hubner Company, one of the businesses with a facility along Wando Park Boulevard.

For those who are unaware, there are two apartment complexes and one townhome community at the end of the road. The traffic flow from those residents combined with the traffic from businesses already cause backups on Wando Park Boulevard for almost a mile between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. as motorists wait to get onto Long Point Road.

Has anyone taken a good, hard look at the impact the SPA headquarters traffic will have on an already-overburdened boulevard? Absent any improvements to the boulevard, which I don’t think are possible because of the physical limitations imposed by 1-526 to the north and business properties to the south, I expect the SPA headquarters traffic will make the already-terrible traffic situation on the boulevard even worse.

Why can’t SPA employees use the SPA gate at the end of Long Point Road when leaving work?

Steve Golle

Salty Tide Boulevard

Mount Pleasant