Perhaps immodestly, I believe my history gives me the perspective to comment on Rep. Jim Jordan’s posture that he “didn’t know anything about any sexual abuse” while an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State.

I wrestled at a Division III school and have served as an assistant high school soccer coach for 15 years at Wando High under an ethical and competent head coach.

Wrestling teams are relatively small in number, and the demands of the sport result in a strong bond between teammates. Good coaches know the “culture” of their team, including any distractions that could affect performance.

The Ohio State wrestlers who have come forward noted that the aberrant behavior of the physician was frequently openly discussed among the team.

If Jordan was unaware of what was going on, he was a truly abysmal coach and a disgrace to the coaching profession. If he knew about the abuse and did nothing, he was a truly abysmal coach and a disgrace to the profession.

Richard H. Gross

Oak Marsh Drive

Mount Pleasant