In the Dec. 2 Post and Courier, the article about the S.C. Education System and its report card made the following statement: "St. James-Santee Elementary in rural McClellanville, where only 9 percent of students met or exceeded English language expectations."

Has anyone evaluated any of the background data as to the factors behind this result? All of these students are in the same system of buildings and teachers. Some of the variable factors seem to be students' desire to learn, family support network, surrounding neighborhood/city messaging that success in life is based on English language skills and overall education, and, yes, the degree of religion in the family.

I'm sure there are other factors that make up the reasons behind why 91 percent of these student are not making it. We as South Carolinians need to see and hear that our education leaders are doing their job and are digging into all the data.

Jerry Johnson

Prestwick Court