A Feb. 11 letter writer cited a “lack of discipline” as part of our educational problems in South Carolina.

No, it’s not the lack of discipline in the classroom that is the problem. It is the unruly and misbehaving students. Students that are out of control, irresponsible and accountable to no one who create chaos, which takes away the right of the teacher to teach and the right of other students to be taught. Until that situation is corrected, you will continue to have what you have.

It won’t matter how much money, personnel, organization, law enforcement, programs, etc., you throw at the educational system. Back in the day, most schools had a principal, a secretary and various subject or grade teachers.

Things went well because parents expected their students to behave in school and, if they didn’t, they got disciplined at home. Many parents today treat educators as if they are the enemy. If parents supported educators, things would certainly be different.

My school had six administrators, 100 teachers, 10 teacher aides, eight guidance counselors, three nurses, six hall monitors and two policemen to deal with students.

Most of their time was spent trying to keep order in the classroom and trying to prevent misbehaving students from being in control of the classroom or school.

If you haven’t been in an educational setting, then you don’t know the situation confronting educators. Educators aren’t the problem. They are the solution, and no one is listening to them.

Jan Roberts

Blockade Runner Court


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