I had to rub my eyes in disbelief after reading the story, “Santee Cooper wants a say in legal settlement.”

The proposed settlement would “lock customers into paying another $2.3 billion for the failed nuclear project over the next two decades.”

That has to be the worst proposed settlement for anyone anywhere ever. All this aggravation in order to keep paying for this plant. It’s the very definition of paying for nothing.

I am unaware who these settlement attorneys are or who they represent.

They do not represent me or my interests. Apparently they represent only their own, in the form of settlement fees.

The only acceptable settlement is for SCE&G to be solely responsible for the boondoggle.

I want nothing to do with a settlement that is only good for SCE&G, Dominion and the settlement firms.

I fail to see why everyone keeps bending over backwards to prevent SCE&G being held responsible for their part in the nuclear plant failure and cover up.

No SCE&G customer should pay one penny more for this disaster.

Paul Vecellio

E. Edgefield Drive