Another round of beach renourishment is underway on Folly Beach. But along with the positive (a temporarily larger beach for the public) comes the negative that is outweighing the good.

Already, more “super beachfront” lot owners are requesting permits to build houses beyond the dunes. These are not oceanfront lots; super beachfront lots are old, formerly unbuildable lots in front of oceanfront lots. These lots can extend well past the dunes into our beach, and the lots are often underwater altogether.

For a short time after the renourishment, super beachfront lots will appear to have dry land to build on. Then the beach will erode again.

As a Folly Beach resident, I see the harm that super beachfront homes cause on a daily basis. I believe it is critical that we stop any new development on super beachfront lots.

I believe the only solution to save Folly's beach is to either regulate super beachfront lots so they can’t be built upon or to condemn these lots. A setback line of 20 feet, as suggested with the recent Folly Beach building moratorium, is unacceptably low for super beachfront development on and beyond the dunes and in our ocean.

To help save the beach, let the Folly Beach City Council and the Planning Commission know that you oppose super beachfront development, period. Without your help, they cannot stop more super beachfront development atop our dunes and in our ocean.

Matt Napier

E. Ashley Avenue

Folly Beach