So, state Rep. Steven Long, R-Spartanburg, wants to officially attach same-sex marriage to the “religion” of secular humanism.

It’s his tactic to argue same-sex marriage is unconstitutional due to the fundamental tenet of separation of church and state in South Carolina.

He says, “Whatever someone does in their own time and in their own home is their business, but when it comes to the government in the state, we have to have policies that are nonreligious or secular in nature.”

Obviously, Mr. Long is not applying critical thinking to his attack on the civil rights of others. He invokes the word “secular” as necessary for all policies emanating out of Columbia.

The “religion” he claims is at the root of same-sex marriage actually has the word “secular” in it. Secular humanism is a philosophy that rejects traditional religion — it’s not a religion.

So if the bill’s separation of church and state argument against same-sex marriage is to be seen as valid, then all marriages between men and women based on biblical authority in South Carolina should also be considered null and void.

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Can we please get some people in the Statehouse who don’t feel threatened by same-sex marriage?

Jay Karen

Wando View Street

Daniel Island

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