I believe that R.L. Schreadley was too quick to judge and too quick to write in his Oct. 6 column about the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Many altar boys have come forward years after the fact, telling of sexual abuse by church men who most believed were saintly. A TV actor admired by many for his model of fatherhood, including myself, has just been found guilty of sexual assault. A football coach at Penn State was considered a good man, as was a physician for a girls’ gymnastics team.

My voter registration has always been Republican, where required. My votes went to who I felt was best for the country, but Nixon fooled me.

In any event, those who sit as judges on the local, state and federal level, and especially the Supreme Court, should remain apolitical and without bias to properly separate the three equal branches of our government.

Bill Collins

Schooner Bend Avenue