How fortunate we are to live in a country where the rule of law exists as a moral right, where people can say to the powerful: “That is not right.”

Women are saying to abusers, “We are not just objects for sexual exploitation.”

Parishioners are saying to powerful clergy, “You are not above the moral law.”

Oppressed citizens are saying to politicians, “You will not be elected or re-elected if we are left out of the picture.”

Victims of gun violence are saying to a powerful gun lobby, “You are going to hear our outrage.”

Citizens are saying to our most powerful leaders, “You are not above the law.”

Minority groups are saying to powerful elites, “We are citizens too. We do have rights.”

Those of us who recognize our Judeo-Christian heritage question evangelicals who give in to powerful, corrupt leaders simply to get their own way about a few hot-button political issues.

Morality matters. Respect for God and for other people is a primary principle upon which our nation was founded.

Let us base our political actions upon right-thinking minds and humble hearts.

Lamar McCarrell

Summitbluff Drive