Students at Murray LaSaine Elementary School on James Island recently observed a violent road rage incident in front of their school. A truck driver repeatedly threatened to ram the car in front of him, revving his engine and screaming obscenities and threats. As a resident of nearby Riverland Terrace and a MLES parent, I can tell you that this was not an isolated incident (e.g., 23 collisions and one fatality along this corridor in the last three years). More examples?

A driver threw coffee at our crossing guard. She regularly leaps aside as drivers speed by or come too close while texting. At the crosswalk, children have narrowly avoided being hit. There have been accidents as parents pull onto Riverland Drive from campus and many more near collisions.

Among the other James Island schools, many have multiple police officers and/or crossing guards on duty. Many have better crosswalk markings. We hold a Walk At School day instead of a Walk To School day because there aren’t adequate sidewalks connecting neighborhoods to the campus.

There are many factors that have stymied momentum in improving this corridor, including the protection of grand oaks, impacts to private property and the safety of all users.

I hope all parties can reach a resolution sooner rather than later. The longer we wait, the more likely it is that we will add another fatality to the list of accidents on Riverland Drive.

Kate Riddle

Coker Avenue


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