I would like to thank The Post and Courier for having the perspicacity of endorsing Joe Cunningham for the congressional representative of the 1st District. My father, L. Mendel Rivers Sr., represented the 1st District for 30 years and, when he died, the vacuum was felt not only here but also in the U.S. military around the world.

With that legacy, it has caused me genuine angst to see a Republican candidate who was so patently unfit to represent the welfare of this district if for no other reason than for temporarily advocating lifting the ban on offshore drilling.

I used to do international consulting in the petro-chemical industry, and I know the inherent safety and ecological hazards associated with oil leaks and worse, explosions.

My congratulations and best wishes to Joe Cunningham. May he walk in my father’s footsteps with dignity and honor.

Peg Eastman

Harleston Place