Kate Darby and the Rev. Eric Mack’s Dec. 3 op-ed on their stated goals for Charleston County schools speaks to the board’s intention to take courageous action to improve schools locally. They speak generally of bold new approaches for the lowest performing schools, but fail to specify what they are or what they should be.

For example, adding a second teacher in classrooms and reducing class size in low-performing schools. And how about additional on-site support to improve reading and math scores by extending the school day to accommodate the most needy children? And, yes, improving teacher quality by attracting the best of the best by increasing the base pay.

Yes, parents and citizens interested in new approaches need to support this noble cause, and we must do it by increasing financial support for our schools. We do this by paying a special school tax. Pursue the dream.

Dennis J. Donahue Jr.

Pelican Reach

Isle of Palms