A few years back, then-Mayor Joe Riley said: I need your help to pave King Street with special bricks that will have your names on them. We bought four bricks for my wife, two children and me. We look for these bricks every time we’re on King Street.

I believe a country without borders and laws will one day be a second-class country, just like the ones these Central American citizens are fleeing.

In other words, I support some type of wall, barrier or whatever it takes to get our immigration system working the way it was designed to work. Today it’s broken.

If I were smart enough, I’d create a site that sold bricks with our names on them and, as part of the purchase, everyone would get a hat that says: IBA Brick. I’d wear it proudly.

The money would go directly to an approved bank and could only be spent once construction had begun.

Imagine if only half of us who believe securing the southern border is a worthy cause sent $25. Two things would happen: The southern border could be secured, and all of us who could would make a trip to a border town to find our names on that wall. Most of us would be wearing our IBA Brick hats. I know I would.

And the best part, we would feel safe and we’d be spending our vacation money right here in the good ol’ USA.

Charlie Lybrand

Cloudmont Drive