Our local NBC affiliate reported on Jan. 8 that the company Ingevity is donating $400,000 to an early childhood education program in the Lowcountry.

As a leader in early childhood education for the past 10 years, most recently at the state level in Washington state, I have seen firsthand the difference that quality early childhood programing makes.

Working as a volunteer with Save the Children Action Network, I want to extend kudos to Ingevity for understanding the potential of investing in our earliest learners and our community.

This investment does more than create an opportunity for revitalizing the old Chicora Elementary School in North Charleston. Investing in early childhood learning increases future adult incomes and home ownership and decreases welfare and crime.

Research shows quality early childhood programs close race and income gaps, reduce K-12 costs and put children on a path to help strengthen our economy.

We are excited about this investment. It is a powerful step for revitalizing a school building and for our Lowcountry community.

Natalia Mayes

Save the Children Action Network

Northern Red Oak Drive