In reference to the Jan. 28 Post and Courier article regarding Darla Moore’s quote, “If I were Boeing or BMW, I would not come to South Carolina because of the educational system.” Perhaps Ms. Moore should consider:

• Having Boeing, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW pay a tax rate on their property value like other commercial South Carolinian businesses pay.

• Having Boeing pay sales tax on each plane sold in Charleston County like all South Carolina residents pay.

If S.C. legislative leaders sincerely want to overhaul the “horrific” S.C. school system, they can begin by taxing these large corporations.

Does Ms. Moore need to be reminded that our schools are supported in part by our property taxes?

So, Ms. Moore, when these big corporations begin to pay their fair share of property taxes, then and only then can you hope to see a “Minimally Adequate” education system in the state South Carolina.

Robert Anderson

Edinburgh Road