Having read The Post and Courier’s exhaustive exposé on the state of education in South Carolina, I managed to leave the series in a state of dissatisfaction over the absence of any assigned role for parents in the equation.

However, my unease was put to rest not by The Post and Courier or the reporters who covered the story, but rather by an intelligent reader residing in North Charleston and who noted the obvious omission in a letter to the editor in the Dec. 2 newspaper.

In seven succinct and well-reasoned paragraphs, this gentleman outlined the necessary role that must be played by parents if our young ones are to succeed in school. He included a brief primer on what steps can and must be taken by parents to bring about a favorable outcome.

If your readers are capable of addressing this matter, then certainly the reporters who created the articles are as well.

John S. Gilsenan

Purcell Lane

Daniel Island