In the March 6 article about the closing of the Oaks Plantation Golf and Country Club, Arthur Middleton (1742-1787) was incorrectly identified as being one of the owners of this historic property. In fact, it was his grandfather, also Arthur Middleton (1681-1737), who inherited the Oaks Plantation from his father, Edward Middleton (1641-1685).

This Arthur was president of the convention that overthrew the Lords Proprietors in 1719 in favor of being governed by the king. He later served as governor of South Carolina from 1725 to 1730 and, upon his death in 1737, bequeathed the plantation to his son, Henry Middleton (1717-1784).

Henry was chosen to represent South Carolina in the First Continental Congress and was elected its second president. In addition to owning the Oaks, he also acquired Middleton Place in 1741 after marrying Mary Williams.

Henry’s son Arthur, the signer of the Declaration of Independence, inherited Middleton Place after the death of his mother in 1761.

Today, Middleton Place, a National Historic Landmark, is owned and managed by the Middleton Place Foundation, a not-for-profit public trust established in 1974 for the preservation and interpretation of its Gardens, House Museums, and Plantation Stableyards.

Jeff Neale

Director of Preservation and Interpretation

Middleton Place Foundation

Ashley River Road