During the past year we have heard a lot of rhetoric from President Trump and the North Korean dictator concerning how they can inflict serious damage on each other with nuclear weapons.

But recently both leaders have seen the light and now want to work together to eliminate nuclear weapons from North Korea. But this seems to be a case of who is conning who.

Neither of these leaders has the moral character or credibility that he will stick to his word. Because of the rhetoric, they have probably escalated secret nuclear research and development in many countries all over the world.

From the standpoint of North Korea attacking the United States, it would be suicide. Even if the North Korean dictator really considered it, his own generals would probably mutiny and throw him out.

Furthermore, the United States needs to let the South Koreans and North Koreans agree on how they want to live among themselves. The best thing for the United States to do is to work with the people on this continent and develop a lifestyle that is so great through capitalism that everyone else would love to emulate it.

It has been reported that the dictator’s end game is to wait it out. He knows that the U.S. president and most leaders in the West serve only two terms. Since he has his position for life, he can wait for an administration that is more favorable or win influence with people who are more tolerant of his nuclear program.

And don’t forget that China has a vested interest in North Korea. We believe that the dictator met with the premier of China to coordinate their end game — with or against America. We have to strengthen our coordination with our allies for the best interests of the western world.

James Muldrow

Woodlands Bridge Road