What’s with SCANA, SCE&G and the Public Service Commission? What is going on now with SCANA and SCE&G’s failed nuclear reactor debacle? These companies made bad business decisions and seemingly want to fight the justified remedies. Each of the companies’ executives and employees want to preserve their income, keep their company cars, retain their pecking order and collect dividends based on their company-issued stock bonus. I understand their wants, but at our expense? I say no.

Any other company that made such decisions would have had to file for bankruptcy, take away company cars and liquidate, at which time a company such as Dominion Energy would have swept in and taken over. Instead, we allow SCE&G to fight to stay in business, keep the company car and continue to pay dividends. And what company sees its stock increase in value as SCANA’s has done recently? Something does not pass the “sniff” test.

SCANA should be allowed to go bankrupt, and another company should be allowed to provide gas and electricity service.

Our Public Service Commission’s mission is to “serve the public of South Carolina by providing open and effective regulation and adjudication of the state’s public utilities, through consistent administration of the law and regulatory process.”

We are the “public” and have not been treated fairly, but taken advantage of and held hostage.

In the Lowcountry, our commissioner is John E. “Butch” Howard; email, Commissioner.Howard@psc.sc.gov.

Write to John Howard to voice your concerns and condemn his decisions. He has been in his position since 2004.

Let’s hold the PSC, SCE&G and SCANA responsible for their decisions and make things right with us, “the public.”

Scott I. Heyer

Pristine View Road