I am a 35-year West Ashley resident, and the North Bridge across the Ashley River is a death trap for pedestrians and bicyclists.

People on bicycles weave across a 2-foot-wide raised concrete median studded with rubber poles between opposing traffic lanes.

Because the bridge is the main connector between West Ashley and North Charleston, people risk their lives every day to walk or bike across it.

As an attorney, I have represented many people who have been killed or terribly injured trying to get to and from West Ashley where they work. There is even a new park luring people to the Charleston side.

I ask Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey to get the DOT to add a pedestrian and bicycle walkway across the North Bridge to save lives and make the park safe to get to. It also will be good for business and merchants.

Gary A. Ling

West Montague Avenue

North Charleston