A recent letter writer responded to another about a doctor’s logic implying the president and the Border Patrol “bear no guilt” for the death of two children who died in U.S. custody.

I must support the doctor’s position. The death of a child is tragic. The reality is children — and adults — die every day, even with the best possible medical care. I have worked in health care and have friends and family who have died. It happens. It’s sad.

When you embark on a risky venture, the odds of death catching up with you increase. I do agree it’s the parents’ responsibility to protect their children from harm and, if fleeing your home country is necessary to avoid violence, sexual abuse and murder, then by all means — flee. However, when you flee one country, then pass the safe haven of another and another, when does the virtue of fleeing become something else?

The doctor was not playing the “blame game.” The writer responding offered no solutions as she chastised the doctor for the same. The president didn’t cause the child to die. By all published accounts, the Border Patrol did the best job possible. They got the child and father to a hospital as quickly as possible.

Could the health care professionals have done something different? Maybe. But maybe if the parent had stopped just one country earlier, the child wouldn’t have caught the flu and died.

David Provenzano

Railway Drive