I was shocked by Rep. Jim Clyburn’s recent comment in which he seemed to suggest that Jews of today are not affected by the Holocaust. That is offensive and hurtful to the entire Jewish community.

The Holocaust was only 74 years ago. Slavery ended almost 150 years ago. I guess that, by Mr. Clyburn’s way of thinking, modern-day African-Americans shouldn’t be affected by slavery. Totally ridiculous in both cases.

Six million innocent men, women and children slaughtered systematically just for being Jewish.

Sure, Mr. Clyburn feels it’s old news. Well, anti-Semitism is alive, extremely dangerous and spreading not only in the Democratic Party as we can plainly see, but throughout the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.

Remember Pittsburgh?

We live in dangerous times. Over half of the Jews living in England would consider leaving because of the rising tide of Jew hatred. The Jewish people have been facing hatred since before the Greek and Roman eras.

One would hope that people would be more enlightened these days but, sadly, that’s not the case.

The only way to prevent another Holocaust is to never forget.

Edmond Sokol

Welch Avenue