What in the world happened to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s moral compass? He continues to support and back the lies and deceit of Donald Trump.

Sen. Graham stated that if Trump doesn’t get his wall, that would be the end of his presidency. No, his presidency was ended long ago.

What kind of a person lies about almost everything, commits adultery, tries to keep the public from knowing by paying for a cover-up, separates families seeking asylum, commits crimes and possibly treason? His presidency was finished long ago.

Trump’s would-be wall tells the world we do not want you here, and we don’t care if you are fleeing for your lives.

Don’t believe lies about these poor families being rapists, terrorists or murderers. Just ask Trump. He hires them illegally.

One of the fastest-growing groups of undocumented immigrants is Asians who overstayed their visas.

Trump tries to make everyone afraid. Don’t be. The wall is not about our security. It’s all about ego.

Bonnie Seabright

Lake Hunter Circle

Mount Pleasant