Like many, I am baffled and heartsick over the taunting of the survivors of the Florida school massacre. The lack of empathy in our country takes my breath away. Reading the accounts of physicians who treated the victims revealed the literal overkill of weapons such as the AR-15. Many veterans have stated that no one should have these rifles unless they are being used in a war. Police don’t want citizens to have weapons that can overpower their own.

I suggest that people who chose to taunt, criticize and mock the students who walked over their classmates’ and teachers’ bodies be made to watch videos of the shooting and look at pictures from the scene.

I wonder what these people who accuse the children of being “actors” or want them to “shut up” would do if their children were killed, and someone tried to bully them as parents or taunt their siblings. Would that awaken their humanity? Or is there an open hole where a heart should be?

Elaine Tanay

Scalybark Road