An Oct. 25 op-ed by Rabbi Stephanie Alexander condemns state funding for Miracle Hill Ministries, an agency that places children in foster care. Her complaint relates to her claim that it is Miracle Hill’s policy to place children only in Protestant heterosexual homes.

As a proud Orthodox Jew, I thoroughly disagree with Rabbi Alexander. Just as Christians might find it imperative to place Christian children in Christian homes, I as a Jew would maintain the same imperative for placing Jewish children in Jewish homes. Rabbi Alexander’s argument would apply in that case as well.

The maintenance of tradition, custom and faith might not be very important to Rabbi Alexander, but it is to me and many others, Jews and Christians alike.

It is vital that members of Charleston’s Christian community understand that Rabbi Alexander’s is not the only Jewish viewpoint on this and many other issues.

She may or may not speak for the Reform Jewish community, but she does not necessarily speak for Orthodox or Conservative Jewish Charlestonians.

I can attest emphatically that she certainly does not speak for the undersigned Orthodox Jew.

Stuart Kaufman

Old Course Lane

Mount Pleasant

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