Re: The Mount Pleasant National Medal of Honor Museum exterior design.

Who are these people who loved the lowered version of the Pavilion Scheme exterior design of the proposed National Medal of Honor Museum to be built in Mount Pleasant? Have they never lived on or even visited a farm?

The slanted roofline is like that of a chicken coop, only many times uglier because multiple chicken coop rooflines are glued together to form one massively ugly building exterior. Is this a fitting memorial to those veterans who gave life and limb for our liberty? I don’t think so.

This is the Lowcountry, folks, the land of plantations and porches. What could be more suitable than a stately, gracious plantation-style structure with a lavishly large covered porch that visiting veterans could relax on, while possibly sitting in wheelchairs?

The modern, chicken-coop rooflines may be fine for New York or Washington, D.C., but Mount Pleasant needs a stately structure that fits in with the landscape and the culture of our Lowcountry area. Let’s quickly redesign the exterior so leaders can get on with the task of fundraising.

Joan Chard

Swinton Court

Mount Pleasant