The funeral for Sen. John McCain has finally and mercifully come to an end. Days of false hero worship have concluded.

The flood of articles worshiping the man (whom they once called a racist and a homophobe), even a full week after his death, doesn’t really reflect veneration, as it is framed to undermine and diminish Donald Trump and his presidency.

But we expect this now as the new normal from the press.

What was unexpected was the classless way McCain’s family made sure speakers would tear into Trump. They even invited the president’s daughter to a seat in the peanut gallery of elites at Washington National Cathedral to endure the slams former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush and the late senator’s daughter dumped on Trump.

That kind of pettiness simply makes the rest of the McCain clan nothing more than chips off the old block. Bless their hearts.

As president Trump might tweet: How sad.

K. L. Schaub

Pierce Street